Here are all the products & services we use when creating new WordPress/Genesis sites for clients. Some are free, others we happily pay for. There is a lot out there, but hopefully this list can help you narrow down your choices a bit.

Website Hosting

One of the most important first decisions in starting a website. Depending on a client's needs, we always recommend one of these companies.
WPEngineWe love WPEngine because they are simply the best, most reliable and fastest WordPress Hosting out there.
SitegroundGreat customer service, free domain and transfer service. A great economical solution.

Trusted WordPress Themes

We have a strong belief in less is more. We never buy bloated WordPress themes & only trust our business with themes that are coded the right way. These days we only build from Genesis and occasionally use third party child themes.
GenesisWe start all of our projects now on this framework. It gives us the flexibility to create great designs, knowing the backend is slick and doing its thing beautifully.
ZigzagPressRunning on the Genesis Framework, Zigzagpress offers some great designs that can make content look amazing.

Check Site Performance

We're very much in agreement with "Don't Guess it, Test it". We want to make sure our sites are performing at their very best and there are some great tools that we use daily to help us test this.
PingdomMeasure the 'actual page speed' of your site with a nice waterfall diagram that allows you to pinpoint exactly how long each file is taking to load.
Chrome DevToolsThese tools help you debug your browser and website issues.

Our Most Trusted WordPress Plugins

Plugins can be a mine field. After 7 years we stick to the plugins we know will do the best job and won't let us or our clients down.
Envira GalleryQuite simply the best, responsive Gallery plugin available right now. There is also a free 'Lite' version to play with.
SollioquyLightweight, responsive and the easiest slider plugin available. It comes with lots of free addons, retina & mobile support. It just works, beautifully.
Ninja FormsThe best contact form plugin we think. Starts with a free version, pay extra only if you need the extras.
Easy Digital DownloadsGreat plugin to build a great digital business from. Free version works really well, add ons to improve user experience.

Genesis Framework Plugins

There are many of these now. Only a small number of them have been kept up to date overtime. These are the plugins trust our business with.
StudioPress PluginsThese plugins include Genesis Simple Sidebars, Simple Social Icons, Genesis Simple Edits. Invaluable as addons to any Genesis project.
Design Palette ProSuch a great way of testing out new design ideas straight from the WordPress dashboard. Great for users without coding knowledge.
Genesis Visual Hook GuideProvides a visual way of knowing where to 'hook' different content on different pages of your site. Not for beginners.
Genesis Connect WoocommerceNecessary for any project that involves using the WooCommerce plugin.

Design Inspiration

Although being outside pondering over what size border should wrap your content sounds like the perfect inspiration moment, sometimes its nice to see what cool stuff others are creating.
awwwards.comLots of award winning, gorgeous websites to browse though. They have developer & designer awards.
verynicesites.comAs you can expect from the name, lots of very nice sites to have a gander at.
dribbble.comThousands of screenshots from designers showing previews of their current projects. It doesn't get more cutting edge than this.
webinspiration.galleryAlways a beautiful selection of websites with the ability to filter by colors, styles and fonts.